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If you can’t attend the Fundraiser you can still donate below.


Ontario Residents Only – Individuals cannot contribute more than $2,500.00 to our campaign over the campaign period. Your total election contribution to all candidates is limited to $5,000.00.

Corporations and trade unions are prohibited from making contributions to any candidate for the office of mayor or councillor.


Under provincial and municipal law, the name, postal code and donation for any contribution over $100.00 must be published once the campaign is complete.

Donations are eligible for generous tax rebates from the city of Toronto.

Contributions Less than $25: Not eligible for tax rebate.

Contributions between $25 and $300: Total contribution amount x 75%

Contributions over $300 but not more than $1,000: Total contribution amount – $300 x 50% + $225

Total contributions more than $1,000, the lesser of: Total contribution amount – $1,000 x 33 1/3% + $575

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